Entadalas from Lisboa


These sculptures that appear to be crushed (entaladas) between the doors of the buildings and the first-floor balconies started appearing mainly in neighborhoods from the 1940s/50s.

Lisboa was expanding and these new accomodations were receiving relocated people from some urbanization process and an exodus of people from the interior capital in search of work.

The purpose was, therefore, to enhance the main facade and give a certain status to these buildings. 

DURING LATE the 40's & 50's

The debate about ‘integration’ or the ‘synthesis of the arts’ was on the agenda after in many institutions or associations, such as UNESCO, AICA – International Association of Art Critics.





Since I'm from Brazil, these statues represented more then architecture, they were a symbol of the new place I chose to live in. I even used them to navigate through the city. An element which I could relate to in the new country.


– O Rossio na Betesga  

– Entalados de Lisboa dos anos 50 

– Figuras Entaladas de Alvalade

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